Overlocked Rugs

An overlocked rug is stitched along its edges with a cotton thread.  This finish works well with tufted products, such Pure Merino, as well as rugs for smaller spaces such as boats, where a bound edge may be visually overwhelming.  We overlock our custom rugs in Sydney, usually within a 2-week turn around.

Our price calculator will provide a price estimate for a custom-sized overlocked rug once you enter a size and select a carpet.  

The calculator does not take into account non-rectangular shapes or add-ons such as stain guard or special finishes.  Some materials come in unusual widths or have other limitations that can not be coded into this tool, so the price is an estimate only. To ask us a question about a rug, obtain a quote, or order, use the buttons and links inside the calculator (below the price).

We also offer turn-and-stick rugs, self-bordered rugs, and the classic bound rugs. They have their own price calculators: turn-and-stick rug calculator, self-bordered rug calculator, and bound rug calculator