We manufacture rugs in custom sizes and edging finishes in Sydney from imported woven carpet materials, typically with a 2 week turn around. 

Our classic edge finish is the bound-edge finish, in which a fabric of your choice is stitched to all four sides.  A turn-and-stick finish involves the carpet being folded back under itself on each side; a Self-bordered finish has an extra piece of woven carpet glued to the top of each edge of the rug to create a frame-like appearance; and an overlocked finish, has a cotton thread is stitched around the outer edges of the rug.

Feel free to challenge us with custom shapes.  Circular, semi circular, elliptical, trapezoidal?  Custom fitted to a boat?  Indoor/Outdoor?  You dream it up, we'll make it happen.


Price Calculators

For those custom shapes, visit our custom shapes page or talk to us. For everything else, we've got price calculators right here on this site to help you estimate your costs. Click the buttons below.


How about ready-made?

We also stock hundreds of ready-made bound edge rugs in our galleries - all of which are available for purchase through the website here.


Ready-Made Rugs

We have hundreds of ready-made rugs in different sizes and material combinations. Browse the range online and buy a rug from us without leaving your lounge room!

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Custom Bound Rugs

A perfectly sized bound-edge rug with your choice of carpet, and binding. Use our price calculator to get a price estimate or even order online.

Custom Bound Rugs

Turn-and-Stick Rugs

Have a turn-and-stick rug made to your exact specificationsUse our price calculator to get a price estimate or even order online.

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Self-Bordered Rugs

self-bordered rug in your exact dimensions. Use our price calculator to get a price estimate or even order online.

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There's so many different looks achievable with our rugs 

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