Our Floor Coverings
Weaving - The Soul of Our Products

Only the time-honoured and craft skill laden process of weaving can deliver the rich texture of our products. Weaving skills have been around for many thousands of years and the basic principles have not changed.

In Australia, tent-like structures were woven for women's meetings. As were mats on which to sit. Similar skills with grass were used in traditional cultures around the globe. As time passed mechanical looms appeared, along with sophisticated dyeing techniques.

Flanders became a centre for weaving and dyeing in the early middle ages. Even today, the weavers around Bruges and Ghent in modern Belgium supply us with high quality woven natural floor coverings and bindings

Insist on the genuine product!

Weaving involves the interlacing of a moving yarn (weft) through some static yarns (warp). Every raised yarn (be it a warp or a weft) has the solidity of its opposite number underneath.

Just as our basket weaver interweaves a strand of grass, the strength of the woven carpet is created by this interlacing process. It is far superior to the limp loops of tufted imitations of a ribbed weaving pattern that carpet retailers often falsely refer to as "sisal".