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Today we are best known for our pure sisal carpets and rugs. However, our portfolio extends beyond this silken fibre. Carpets in sisal and wool, coir, and paper are on offer, along with bindings.


Pure Sisal

There is a paradox with pure sisal. While it is luxuriously lustred and can be woven to have generous soft loops suitable for a film star's bedroom, pure sisal fibre also has the strength to tie up a ship. The best pure sisal yarn starts life in the fronds of agave sisalana grown in East Africa. It ends up at our showrooms in many different hues from creamy white through golds and greys to chocolates and even high-tech black. The fineness of pure sisal fibre allows it to be spun in many different gauges yielding a great variety of exciting geometric textures. Yet always with great strength.



Pure Sisal with Wool

The lustre and strength of sisal snuggles up to the warmth of warps in fine New Zealand wool. Think wool, think softness. Yet here, you get a genuine woven texture without compromising durability. Look at the textural contrast - the sheen against the softness. And then re-assure yourself. This is a real woven texture with warps and wefts. The wool can't lie down. Pure sisal with pure wool is an emerging winner.




No stranger to the floors of the late Queen Mother (especially in Balmoral Castle), coir matting is made by spinning the processed fibres of the outer husk of the coconut. Husk collection takes place in the romantic backwaters of Kerala State in the South of India - a region made famous by Arundhati Roy's acclaimed novel, The God of Small Things. Richly textured - because of its thicker fibre and yarn - coir comes in either a cocoa/cinnamon (natural) yarn or a buttery creamy (bleached) yarn or a combination of both. Simple herringbone or ribbed weaves are most common. It is the simplicity of this product that allows it to be the textured stage for many an antique or oriental rug.



Seagrass Squares

Seagrass squares were the first floor covering for many baby boomers. And where we began business. The grasses are twisted and woven into chunky textured squares which are then sewn together into a durable and economical floor covering that has been consistently popular for over forty years. Seagrass starts out with a green tinge, but eventually becomes a slightly mottled pale brown - a hue that hides a million sins. Seagrass squares can be purchased by the row or by the bale.

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We try to choose the bindings that frame our designer rugs on the basis of what looks good - durable fabrics sometimes look plain utilitarian. This will not always mean that the binding will give service over many years. A chunky jute binding from Belgium will be outlived by the rug it surrounds. Similarly with a linen binding. However that rug can be re-born with a new binding when the time comes.

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