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If you don't catch the dirt at the entrance, it will find its way onto the first soft surface.

Doormats are essential in Australia. Yet the rest of the world laughs at the standard Australian doormat — cheap, but barely bigger than a handkerchief. Totally ineffective!

For many years, we have harped on about the more footsteps you catch on a doormat, the less dirt you wipe on your beautiful floor covering.

Surprise, surprise, we only sell high quality large doormats and entrance-well matting. At the end of the day, they are cheap compared to your floor covering.

Brush Coir Entrance Matting

Robust Brush Coir Entrance Matting with a PVC backing (pictured above) can be cut to any shape and size. It comes in rolls two metres wide and approximately 17 millimetres thick with colours appropriate to many decor schemes.

Colours available

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Sinnet Coir Doormats

Sinnet is the craft of rope knot work practised by sailors for centuries. These rope coir mats feature the most common design found in Australia during the nineteenth century. You will find these mats today in many heritage listed homes and buildings....

90 x 55 cm Ref 3021
120 x 75 cm Ref 3020


Deluxe Coir Doormats

Hardy woven coir doormats that can withstand Australian conditions.

90 x 55 cm Ref 3017
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