Care and Maintenance
How to Reduce Staining

Clean pure sisal, coir, seagrass or paper will not be stained by clean water!

If dirt builds up in your floor covering and it becomes wet, staining will occur.

Large doormats will help by trapping most of the dirt before it is trampled into your floor coverings (the larger the mat, the more dirty footsteps you catch).

Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner with a powered brush head (Dyson™ or similar) will help prevent dirt build up. Routine cleaning with a dry powder carpet cleaner (from the supermarket) can also be effective, but it is important to first test these chemicals in an inconspicuous place, in case they adversely affect the floor covering. Rugs on polished or tiled floorsNever mix different cleaning solutions! Cleaning chemicals can react unpredictably with each other.

Rugs on polished or tiled floors need extra protection. Bare feet or soiled shoes are commonly wiped on the first soft surface they come in contact with. Regular (daily) mopping of the floor around your rug will reduce this type of contamination.

Attend to all accidents immediately

Accidents will always happen. The faster you attend to it, the greater your chance of avoiding a permanent stain.

Liquid Spills Place a white bathmat, towel or colourfast cloth over the spill and tread down with your foot. If the stain is still apparent you will need to repeat the process and apply one of the remedies outlined above.

Solids First remove the solids with a knife, toothbrush, or similar. Take care not to brush too harshly. Moisten the affected area with a diluted wool wash or mild detergent and soak up this liquid with a cloth as outlined above. You may have to consult the remedies outlined above.


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