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A Within both the coir and sisal range, there are various qualities. To a great degree, the tightness of the weave will determine how heavy the traffic a particular floor covering will take.

However, as a basic rule of thumb, simple powerloomed herringbone natural coir will give wear similar to the finer boucle or ribbed sisals from China . In other words, there is no great difference between the wearing qualities of the two fibres.

To be more specific; within the sisal range, we have the sisals from Belgium and those from China , Africa and the Americas. While those from outside Belgium are smart and attractive, the sisals from Belgium are far finer (their appearance is smoother and they have far fewer irregularities). These are the products of master weavers, the Mercedes Benzes compared to VW Golfs. It goes without saying that we sell a lot more Golfs .... but both types have their place in the market.

Within the coir range, there are also differences in quality. Although we could bring in cheaper grades, our 30 years experience has taught us that it is best to import the finest qualities available. Most of our coirs are made on genuine powerlooms so that they are both even in tension and tightly woven. Our finest coirs are actually a combination of both coir and sisal yarn - these retain the rustic charm of coir along with extra stability, weight and tightness.

A We have been importing coir and sisal floor coverings for over 30 years. If we were to add up all the bedrooms, family rooms, hallways and other domestic areas we have supplied, they would cover the Sydney Cricket Ground many times over.

Over the 30 years that we have been bringing in this group of natural products, life has begun on it, babies have crawled on it, children have grown up on it, teenagers have danced on it and adults have had their feet (and other parts) massaged by it.

They will never have the feel of a chenille bedspread. But on the other hand, they do not feel like a bed of nails. They are not scratchy, not abrasive. They are firm underfoot - but that is also their strength.

A Nearly everything is affected by the Australian sun - timber floors, sandstone steps, upholstery fabrics and even floor coverings. Exactly how much any floor covering will fade will depend on the level of sun exposure along with the original colour and type of dye.

There is no hard and fast rule - the amount of sun and its intensity are the most obvious factors to consider.

Colours may fade, natural fibres may darken and, like any fabric, in extreme cases, under very harsh conditions, ultra violet rot may occur.

Professional specifiers are comforted by the fact that the majority of our dyed products achieve colour fastness to light ratings of from 4 to 5.5. All of our products in their natural un-dyed state will acquire the patina of age.

A Our products are used in the surgeries of leading allergists and in the consulting rooms of other health professionals. In general, the natural presence of tannins in pure sisal and coir will discourage dust mites, the bane of asthmatics. Another advantage for those with upper respiratory tract sensitivities is that all natural floor coverings absorb moisture from the air when it is humid and release it when the humidity drops, which helps to stabilise the surroundings for sensitive noses.

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